Municipal Council

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Village of Beechy

Council Meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Village office.

Mayor: Gloria Prentice
Deputy Mayor- Garth Bigler


  • Mayor – Gloria Prentice
  • Councilor – Bob Odermatt
  • Councilor – Devin Hey
  • Councilor – Garth Bigler
  • Councilor – Shelley Stenerson


2023 Committee Appointments

  • Deputy Mayor Garth Bigler
  • Cemetery Commissioners Roland Vineham
  • Personnel Committee All of Council
  • Assessor/Tax Collector Brittany Ringrose
  • Pest Control Officer Bruce Upton, Ian Esson, Shelley Stenerson
  • Public Utility Board Bernie Flynn, Alex Moebis
  • West Central Municipal Government CommitteeEntire Council
  • Beechy Rink Board Bob Odermatt
  • Beechy Recreation Board
  • Beechy & District Fire Council Gloria Prentice, Garth Bigler, Devin Hey
  • Fire Chief Dave Wiens
  • Deputy Fire Chief Don Watt
  • Fire Prevention OfficerDave Wiens
  • Health Advisory/Ambulance Committees (3 Yr staggered term)
  • Kandis Blenkiron (2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Garth Bigler (2023, 2024, 2025)
  • Sandi Lougheed (2021, 2022, 2023)
  • Emergency Measures Coordinator Jerry Wiens
  • Beechy & Wheatland Reg. Library Board Marilyn Stroeder
  • Beechy Graduation & Scholarship Committee Shelley Stenerson
  • Prairie Lake Regional Park Board Bob Odermatt
  • AuditorJensen Stromberg
  • Board of Revision to Beechy WaterWolf
  • Secretary to Beechy Western Municipal Consulting
  • Clearwater Lake Regional Park Rep Lauren Gilles
  • Landfill Committee Garth Bigler, Devin Hey
  • Emergency Measures Committee Gloria Prentice, Shelley Stenerson
  • Hall Board Shelley Stenerson


Public Minutes:

*Some minutes have had motions redacted for the purposes of protecting personal and confidential information. If you would like to see the original minutes, they are available for viewing at the Village of Beechy Office during regular business hours.





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